This might well be breaking news for some of you reading this short note right now. In more ways than one, quite possibly. It’s about having wisdom teeth removal cerritos work done. And yes, there is that too. Wisdom teeth. You all have it. Well, some of you don’t by now. Anyway, it is apparent that you actually don’t need your wisdom teeth so much. So, if it’s got to be pulled, it’s not the end of the world for you.

It could, however, be said that in order for wisdom teeth to break, would quite possibly take quite a long time. Because it is among the largest and strongest teeth in the mouth. Now, some of you might be thinking; since wisdom teeth aren’t really necessary, and should they have to come out, they would not need to be replaced, right? Not so. Let’s not be in too much of a hurry. While the tooth might not be of any use to you for your daily habits, it would still need to be replaced.

wisdom teeth removal cerritos

Why is this? Well, if you leave a gaping hole if you will between surrounding teeth, it becomes a lot easier for incoming bacteria to extend its damaging of these areas, both the vacant gum area and the surrounding teeth. And it could happen a lot quicker too. So in a case like this, should such a tooth have to be removed, it would likely have to be replaced by a partial denture or partial dental implant.

But in the latter case, overall oral and dental health would have to be reasonably good. And the patient’s jaw structure still needs to be suitable. Now, why wouldn’t you really need a wisdom tooth? It turns out that the answer is evolutionary.